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A. Introduction

Be happy and free in eternity. Be light forever, and be you;
for you, that only, that only is true.

Please understand that enlightenment is your responsibility (see here). Some of the books listed here may help you, others may not. At some time, reading a certain book may be helpful, at another time, it may not (for a deeper reflection upon whether you should read at all, please see here) – be it as to the book as a whole, be it as to parts.

The books here have been listed as to preference or experience of the author(s) of this site. Although this is a commercial (for our trans-commercial site,
click here) site (and, under legal aspects, best to be considered advertising altogether), we have only listed those books and - as to the esoteric or spiritual aspects - presented them in a way we would have chosen even if this site was totally private (click here for an explanation if interested). Any listing or any link does not imply that the respective editor does necessarily agree with everythingt written in that book or on the page linked - often he may not, but still will agree with a lot or most in it. In Truth, we cannot diverge, but in the world of duality - will the possible views ever end ?

You might also want to read the disclaimer
here and please definitely follow your intuition as to if and when you should read, buy or recommend these books.

Be the Light your Guide, your dream and your essence / as, in truth it is.

B. Overview

a. Overview over this Project

If you are new to our site, we have a welcome page explaining some basics about enlightenment, this site and our aims
here. If you are looking for books for beginners, additionally just scroll down (read on) on this site (see C.). You might also profit from our special "Beginners"-Section, although beginners might just look around the other pages as well, depending on how they feel, of course.

To explore our sites, thus, besides our
welcome page, three main entry points might be helpful:
  • The General Overview (this is the page, you are reading right now, so just read on for that)

Ok, still on this page ? Then let us go on with the general introduction.

b. Way-Walking

So, let us continue with our general oveview.

There might be no way to the light (for how can you go to what you are, also cf. Mario Mantese, Licht einer großen Seele, p. 179). People, however, tend to believe, there are ways. It might seem, that in the outer world there are quite a lot of perspectives. Here, we are highlighting three traditional ones:

- The Way of
- The Way of the Masters
- The Way of Stillness

Of course, we could also give a different classification. Do not cling to any. In the East, there are a lot of paths one calls or could call "way" ("道"):

- The various paths of
- The Daoistic Way (Daoism being "道教")
- by the way: even tea ceremony or Karate are considered being a "way" in the East

I was tempted to add the "
Magic" path here as well, but I did not. Magic, maybe, could be seen as a sub-path or expression of the other ways. One could also take it as a way of its own, though. The dangers, of course, should be apparent. Then, they are abundant anyhow.

Recently, a new term has been coined as (I would hesitate to call it a "way", maybe, but within it, one presumably can find one's way)

New Age

These "ways" are interrelated anyhow.
Masters stand at the beginning of religion (Buddha, Jesus or the Christ, Zarathustra). A tool and essence is stillness. And true and high New Age is, well... Masters take care of it, Masters can help and the method is light. But stillness is in there.

Just to give a few examples.

C. How to begin using this site

So - How do you begin  (also see
here and here, if you have not done so already) and how to go on, then ?

Maybe it could be helpful to get rid of a few preconceived notions or concepts of the world. An excellent introduction and already going into the deep truths and containing very valuable advice (and, incidently, as to a perspective of re-incarnation and karma (of which you can be free, though)), you might very much like to read Elisabeth Haich's "Initiation". At the same time, shortly before or maybe better somewhen after that you might like to have a look into "The Authobiography of a Yogi" by Sri Paramahansa Yogananda, to see masters in action - and how you can be a student. To get some ideas what to change and how to work with your thoughts and for many other interesting information, have a look into the books by Daskalos (also see this note).

Well, afterwards...  what about already starting a few exercises or even meditations (be it
Yoga, Taoistic or Buddhistic Practices or New Age; or just dive into stillness altogether at once; if you are very orientated towards Love or Christianity, Jakob Lorber's work might also be something to have a few looks into and [also Georg Riehle]) ? As a motivation and intellectually to understand better, you can still read on in the works of the Theosophists (and, if it is for you, also Anthroposophy, maybe). Meanwhile or afterwards (rather meanwhile, I suppose), it might be good to research some Indian, especially Advaitic, writings, as the Bhgavadgita, the Ashtavakra Gita and the Avadhoota Gita as well as the works of Ramana Maharshi, Papaji and Sri Shirdi Sai Baba (be very careful - the right one !) can be helpful and instructive. (For getting a new perspective on outer reality also, maybe a few looks into the work of Castaneda?)

Anyhow, you should, be it sooner or later, also read Eckhart Tolle, and if you are looking for an overview, besides Beatrice Flemings Work and The Secret Doctrine, you can always have a look into the work of Franklin Merrell-Wolff, which might make clear quite a lot intellectually as well.

And really really important - for those, who can hear, at least - is also
this book by Elisabeth Haich.
Furthermore, consider Mario Mantese.

(And if this is still too much... listen to your intuition. Elisabeth Haich is a good start, nevertheless. Otherwise Tolle, or, depending on the case, Mantese, or any other of the books / beings mentioned before.

D. How to get the books

And how and where to get the books ? Well, some works free of copyrights can be found in the internet, e.g. at or in other online libraries. Or can be borrowed in your local library :)

But if you want to get an actual book and
own it, well... a library might be close, yet what about clicking here ? Or, just use the direct links at the right sight of each book-explanation page. That is one reason we are here ; ) .

© 2012 by A. M. 
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