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Elisabeth Haich .... Beschreibung...

1. The Book

  • Einweihung (Original German Title)
  • Initiation (English title)
  • Iniciation (Spanish Title)
  • ...
  •       (Japanese ?)
This is a very important book. It shows the basics as well as being a profound guide to people more progressed on the path, in any case those progressed through a lot of reading, but to those really progressed, too, I suppose.

It is a book you can start with, come to back later, and then be astonished who all that you have acquired in between could have already been found in the first book you read (if it was this).

Do read it.

In her books, she talks about having read an meditated about an old manuscript in her hut in the mountains. I have found the following book, and although I am not sure, yet I suppose it might have been that she was referring to:

Geheime Figuren der Rosenkreuzer, aus dem 16ten und 17ten Jahrhundert: aus einem alten Mscpt. Zum erstenmal ans Licht gestellt: erstes -[drittes] Heft
Altona: J.D.A. Eckhardt, in Commission in der Heroldschen Buchhandlung in Hamburg, 1785-[1788]
3 v. in 1 : col. illus. ; 40 cm.

It might be much nicer to have that as a book itself (or at least print it out), I think, but the book is online here. If you are unable to obtain the printed version, you might think about printing it out, at least.

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2. Experiences or Comments of Contributors

As already indicated, I do recommend this book very much. I have looked, by the way, into some Yoga classes taught according to her principles and have liked the way it has been done. If such a group was close to where I live know, I would think about joinging.

Maybe have a look into the other books too, if you sense it is ok. (AM)

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Geheime Figuren der Rosenkreuzer

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