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I. General Contact Information

• About who we are, we have already said something

• To connect to us on social networks and for our general contact data, please click here (you will be directed to our general site).

II. For Specific Requests

Due to the legal requirements in some countries, here is also a postal address and some further information.

Legally responsible for this site and in charge is (Read
this before using any of the data on this page) a lawyer:

Dr. iur. André Marhaun

Weißdornweg 18,  34125 Kassel

Phone:         +49 (0)1801 585 585 8153 (Germany, (*))
sip-phone:   5858153 @ (**)
Fax:             please feel free to ask (***)

E-Mail:        info ( *at*) books - for - enlightenment (*dot*) com. (**)

Skype:        poeticalhelp (currently mostl. offl., inquire f. current ID)

(*) The costs for calling this number might approximately be similar to making a phone call within the regular German phone network. For further details please ask your provider, information might also be given at This is just a voluntary addition, so in general, please use the Japanese number.

(**)  This is no mail-address ! Before using, please remove the spaces within the address.

(***) Please check back by other means when receiving no reply to a fax sent here

  • Before using any of the various ways of contacting me, please kindly make sure to have read my Legal Terms and Disclaimer as well as our data and privacy protection declaration. Please kindly understand if I should not reply at once.The data on this page are not to be used, for any unsolicited mail or unwarrented passing on or other misuse including unsolicited commercial advertising mails or calls. "Abmahnungen" are explictely not welcome nor wished for; much faster, much more efficient and reliable would be to contact me in an informal and direct way (not by fax, though).
  • Commercially relevant contact is established by using the possibilities of the sites (for their contact details, please go over there) named here.

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