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Sometimes, helpful information are not or not only printed in books. Therefore, too, here are a few further links to pages, one of us found valuable. Again, please aware of our disclaimers first.

A. General or Specific Spiritual Links

Great Advice for those for whom it is:  
Interesting site:                                    
Looking for Happiness ? Then read:   

B. Book-Links (Online - Libraries, Shops etc.)

We give these links as a general reference. There might be good books in it as well as bad ones - so please use discernment (see for articles on that subject).

I. Online Libraries

1. Spiritual

There are a lot of websites that offer great spiritual books. We give a few links (but do, of course, not say, that necessarily all of the books given there are good and helpful), where you might find some more interesting reading.

Extremely good is, containing many Holy Scriptures and other esoteric writings: (think about getting the DVD for supporting it).



Theosophical: See from here,
anthroposophical ones here.

Tibetan and Sanskrit Texts:

Others include. (

Comprehensive, also general literature links: 

2. General

Some general online libraries might yet be goodk for well-known and generally accepted authors with a spiritual outlook, e.g.:

Project Gutenberg (international, non-commercial)
Gutenberg (by Der Spiegel) (German, commercial)

There are also a lot of books at and

II. Offline Computer Libraries

Good for well-known and generally accepted authors with a spiritual outlook (Meister Eckhart, Angelus Silesius et al.):

Die Digitale Bibliothek: Jubiläumsausgabe

Die Digietale Bibliothek: Jubiläumsausgabe II
Die Digitale Bibliothek: Jubliäumsausgabe Ergänzungsband

III. Books and Articles: Searching (Reference Sources etc.)

IV. Shops

Of course, we wish that you would buy in our store-links (click here). But if you are still looking for others, have a look at e.g. (German books without paying postage) (and thus support the owner of the excellent and beloved Drei Eichen Verlag).

V. Special Sponsoring to Friends

And a special sponsoring to friends we would like to name the following pages, so not necessarily related to our subjects:

Learn German:


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