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I. General Terms

As general legal terms, this applies here analogously.

II. Privacy Policy and Declaration

As privacy declaration, this applies here analogously.

III. Additonal Aspects

The following aspects amend or modify the rules shown above, as far as they do not expressing the same anyway.

1. Copyright related Aspects

Even if not mentioned on the respective page, contents created by the editors of this page is copyrighted. You should not use contents without the explicit consent of the siteowner or respective (other) copyright holders.

a. Search Engines

The search technolgy copyrights are copyrights of the respective companies respectively as ruled by the inventors or copyrightholders.

b. Pictures and Graphics

aa) The Graphics (as far as being not a part of a specially licensed technology of this page; then the respective license applies) is copyrighted according to what is stated in the respective licenses (1. a.).

bb) Clip Art may be either copyrighted, royalty free or being taken from Open Clip Art Library, then also being open source or a GNU license etc. Follow the link to look exactly for the respective icon.

2. Spiritual Disclaimer

For our spiritual disclaimer, please go to this page. Please do read it.

3. Affiliate and Commercial Relations

Dr. André Marhaun is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to There are further affiliate and other commercial relationships as described here on my main site (valid for this website, too).

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