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1. Each being has to choose by intutition or whatever means suits him best his way or how to reach the Great Aim, which may only be the Realization of what already is. To this end, he or she might feel the impulse to read books as well.

Better, of course, to be aware of, or better yet, to be stillness, than to read about stillness. But for those who believe they cannot, or cannot imeediately, or just do not perceive it in their "day consiousness", books might give impulses or be a tool they could consider useful.

Anyhow: be careful about what you chose. My way may not be your way, although everything might be ONE. The author(s) of this page do(es) not take any responsibility whatsoever for how the information given here are used. He is / They are free from that.

Furthermore, we would like to stress that we do not necessarily agree with everything that is said in the books or texts which are listed below, be it recommended or otherwise.

2. Please understand that enlightenment is your responsibility. Some of the books listed here may help you, others may not. In the worst case, they might confuse someone in his current stage of life or may even mislead him or others (although we would never consciously intend that, nor do we hope that any author listed here ever would – in fact, we are careful in choosing books we hope will be a pointer to the right path, but how could we know the effect on each and every reader? As soon as instruction or information are being given to a group, or a multitude of people, how could one guarantee that for each and everyone every bit of information given will be the right one in each moment of time?). At some time, reading a certain book may be helpful, at another time it may not – be it as to the book as a whole, be it as to parts.

The books here have been listed as to preference or experience of the authors of this site. Any listing or any link does not imply, nevertheless, that the respective editor does necessarily agree with everythingt written in that book or on the page(s) linked.

Also, please note that any reference to healing is no medical advice – it is just information. So follow your intuition and, to be careful, we recommend you to do go and see a doctor or accomplished healer, if you have got a health problem.

The webmaster of this page and probably the editors are free from any negative karmic forces invoked by putting this page and its contents on the net. They are free from any binding karma as well. Is there something, we would like to have? Our hearts know it, and that, if a blessing to us and truly welcome, that, at least to the webmaster, may come.

I have read in one book New Age - book, that even envoys of the "High Galactic Council" did not manage to go through a life on Earth without acquiring karma. On the other hand I have read in the book by Irina Tweedie, that her teacher told her: "Karma is for those who believe in it."

I believe we are free from Karma. I believe we are free. I believe we, in our core, are freedom.

Nevertheless, please take notice of this disclaimer. (I have studied law, you see. Studying law and esoterics can mean, you get very careful as to rules and binding... maybe.)

This was the spiritual disclaimer. For legal reasons, please also take note of the worldly one, just click here.

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