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Here you can search either through this site and / or the web. Please note: The most recent changes might not be shown.

You have a variety of options.

A. Search this Site

If you would like to search this site in its actual, current state, please click

B. Search the Web and this Site (by Exalead)

If, for some reason, you should prefer searching the web and this site from the same search field, you can try your luck here. You will find only those pages Exalead has already indexed.

C. Search the Web and this Site (by Google)

If you should prefer Google (please note: the advertisement on the result pages are not specifically endorsed or directly set by me - I cannot warrant that they will provide the same quality information as I do or will not lead astray - yet, they may, of course, also offer great information I do not - please discern!) and the options it offers, you can try the following search field. Please note that, again, results depend on which pages Google has indexed at the time of your search.

To offer you a real alternative to the previous options, this custom search engine will not only search this site, but also some other of my sites dealing with spiritual subjects. As those sites have pages in other languages, especially in German, non-English results will be shown.

D. Search Books in General

The following links are external ones. The participants in this project are free from any responsibility for questions related those sites or the results you will get.

I. Google Books

II. Google Scholar

III. You can search through books at (best click at one of the ads on the right or here to get there).


Offers a lot of books where copyrights, at least in the U.S., have expired.

IV. Search Engines of or related to Libraries, both national and international (e.g. Worldcat; also see our Link-Section).


This is my general homepage with a plethora of information. If you read German (or can use Google Translator) you may also want to have a look into the Library-Section, the German equivalent to this website, which might still contain additional books and information.

E. Still not found?
Give me an assignment.

I (A. M.) am not only the creator-webmaster of this site, but I have a long experience of researching esoteric and spiritual subjects, both academically (although sort of "veiled", in my thesis; in Japanese Daoism) and outside of university. If you need to get some esoteric or spiritual information and do not have the time to find it, just give me an assignment. The conditions may depend on the nature of the individual case, but may range around 60 $ / h, if it will take only a few hours. If it will take days (or weeks), special conditions may apply (much cheaper, if brought down to the hour). In both cases, expenses will be extra.

Please feel free to contact me here.

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