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A. As to this page

This is only a draft version.

This page describes books related to healing. It is to be seen as an overview over books that exist. It does not promote any of these methods as actually "healing" (otherwise some lawyers might object). But in a free country at least presenting those books should save the masters of this site from harm. It just reports what exists and a private opinion about those books. In case the word "helpful" is used, it de iure not to be understood as a medical recommendation or a recommendation touching specifically medical aspects (to read, though, one probably may recommend... and telling one's believes, one also may...). Health is your task. (As to this, see 0...........dream healer). Besides, if you have a medical problem, please go to an appropriate doctor or healer (again, I "can", so to speak, de lege lata, only recommend going to a healer which is legal in the respective country). Please observe my Disclaimer

Furthermore, in case if any of the books listed here, as e.g. TCM or Homoepathy may do, contain information on pruducts using materials from killed animals, as a strict vegetarian and advocate of life I do explicitly and strongly do n o t  recommend using those things.

B. Basic Considerations

I. The most ...... Healing       Die umfassendste Heilung

It appears, that healing can come from thein- or outside, but one might say, that in the latter case "something is being activated than in the inside, in the human being"" (E. Tolle, Die große Heilung kommt mit dem Erwachen, 37).

But crucial is (as says the book just quoted), that one breaks through to one's real, true SELF.
Of course, even bevor, certain symptoms or certain causes for these symptoms, can be healed.
But from my point of view, if one reaches one's self, or, to be more exact, the knowledge, what one really is, an energetic level will be reached, where one should be a Master of matter, and thus of the physical body - or, at least, where one could be that. Thus, total healing is possible.

II. How disease develops.Entstehung von Krankheit

An illness generally begins at first as a change which can be seen (or felt ?) in the human energy field, the aura Aura.

III. Healing

1. Healing and Enlightenment

Get enlightened, than, probably, psychic illness will vanish somehow (Nevertheless, there are enlightened beings whose bodys show symptoms which normally would be considered an illness - see for example the impressive description of the abdominal pain of Swami Rama Tirtha **** he was laughing at the same time...source...*** As to the question, why this mgiht be so ........eigene Bemerkung, eventuell .....Adams irgendwo ???? .....), and  a basis for physical convalescense will be layed, if not health be reached.

Else, concerning the healing of certain single problems (for the psyche, it might already be helfpul to know, that, in fact, there are no problems, as  Tolle indicates, only"life situations", which in the respective moments require either action to achieve a change or accepting. *****erfordern.... da war noch was ? 2. Vortrag.... des Online -Semiarns...verweisen

2.  (Life -) Energy and Healing   ......We take in life energy either by food or by Qi Gong etc............

a. Building and Preserving Life Energy as a Basis for Healing

In any case, the question of illness and healing is, in generall, also a question of energy, especially life energy and there (please read !) a question of the basic form of human energy (Jing Qi; sexual energy), which can be transfuormed and then used for spiritual or healing purposes respectively for preservation of health.

Physical illnesses are, basically, nothing but a symptom of causes lying deeper. Psychic problems find their reflection in the energy field of a human being. If it becomes weak or deformed, illness can occur (for the interrelation between illness and psychic states, see, for example,  L. Hay: Heile deinen Körper kkkHeal your body ? kkkkkk - ....Dahlke ? Detlefson ? and further books by Hay......................) (Yet, this also means, that even before symptoms show, i.e. the state in which many people only start of calling it an "illnes", one can do something to prevent an illness breaking out. In this sense, there are Eastern cultures, where a good doctor was that one, who kept his patients healthy).

But if the human energy field (also see the page as to the "aura") is fine, the conditions for illness should, in fact, not be given. If one also counts karmic pressure and the roots of it to the energy field (or their "imprint" or reflection  ?), this probably would be valid generally, else one might say, that, of course, negative karma might, as the case may be, interfere.

Important for a successful - and therefore real - healing is, that not only symptoms are eradicated, but the cause being dissolved (in this context also see belowIII. kkkkkkkk........bei Methoden...)

b. Transformation and Taking in Life Energy

According to the picture shown above, most important for preserving or reaching again health is life energy.

aa) As already indicated, one and continuously to be taken measure is the transformation of Jing Qi, the basic form of human energy.

bb) Negative energy can be also transformed (see, for example, Mantak Chia....Fusion of the Five Elements ??? (hierzu etwa...dieser Rote Band pa Kua etc. .... und andere Werke Mantak Chias) and new energy can be taken in.

α) One can do that by apropriate Qi Gong includingTai Chi Chuan  - methods. Yoga, too, aims at the human energy system.
The young healer Adam shows many helpful information and gives extremely valuable explantions, B. Y. Martin gives wonderful methods. Barbara Brennan ................and gives helpful information in her books. Angels (the activity of which are also lying at the foundation of the work of B. Y. Martin; for healing ask Archangel Raphael) can help, too. Her books contain man y useful pratices. It is recommendable to buy both of her books. One is more about emotional aspects, the other more on physical ones, but the world is one, and you should buy both books. "Change your Aura Change your Life" is to be recommended as well as "The Healing Power of Your Aura".

It could be also helpful to have a look at literature on the subjects of the "aura" and the "chakas".

In the form of herbs or homoeopathic remedies you can take in the adequate energy, too, respectively give energetic impulsesbzw. Energieimpulse geben.

Here, it has also be referred to the traditional knowledge of the application of herbs in Western healing, e.g. Hildegard von Bingen et al.) as well as in the east  (TCM, Kampou).

β) Or one goes to a healer, , Qi-Gong-Practioner / expert or an Aryuvedic or  TCM - doctor respectively a homoeopathic / anthroposophic doctor.
Adam, B. Y. Martin and Barbara Brennan and others respectively their studnets (Brennnan) do also direct healing sessions, be it individual sessions or group sessions (Adam).

cc) The intake of foodNahrung and herbs includes, besides taking in the physical substance, as an important part the intake of life nergy for those, who need it or believe it (cet. par. probably the mass of human beings ). Thus, it is important to orientate oneself as to healthy nutrition.

M. O. Bruker

pop lebensenerie

Ellen Grasse

Siehe hier.

c. The importance of more "physical" methods

If symptoms already have manifested, i.e. the signal of warning has expressed itself not only on the level of the aura, but on the physical plane, one should probably nevertheless, in general, continue to work on the energetic plane, too. Nevertheless, at the same time, it could also be the hour of more "conventional" doctors. Yet, one should look closely, what he does and at the prescriptions. A doctor of WEstern education with a good knowledge in holsitic medicin or a doctor of Eastern spirit, who also knows Western medicine, could, if one does not find one's "Master-doctor", be very helpful indeed.

C. Further authors, books and methods as to the subject of "Healing"

I. Generally / Comprehensive

At first, see the already mentioned ones, e.g. Adam, Barbara Brennan and B. Y. Martin for an overview over the entire subjects. einen Überblick über das Gesamtthema. Angels (e.g. Archangel Raphael for healing), can help, too. 

As to former times, having a closer look into the work of Paracelsus and Hildegard von Bingen might help, in younger times into the work of Dr. Calligaris (be careful of those who banned his books from the shops and reduced what is available in the libraries - definitely very recommended...)

Also, Daskalos, a Cypriote Healer and magician.....

Also, in the books about Anastasia you can find, I think, some hints.

II. Specific Areas

1. As to the aura


2. Eyes

Janet Goodrich: Natürlich besser sehen. Kirchzarten bei Freiburg: VAK 11. Auflage 2008.

Also see http://jewel-of-light.de/infos.html.

3. Teeth

Also see here: Siehe auch hier (Login erforderlich ? ) - Zähne....


III. More specific information to a couple of methods
... evtl. unter C. voranstellen ?

1. Preleminary Remark

Many methods can already be found in the books mentioned above or result from the knowledge given there.

2. Some basic paradigms

Two basic paradigms seem to stand in opposition to each other
einander gegenüberzustehen:

Western medicine of the 19.th  / 20th century and its predecssors on the one hand side (which also have been spread accross the more industrialised nations of the East), and, on the other hand, more holistic approaches, as they can be found in the West as well asin traditional Chinese Medicine ("TCM" as an umbrella term for a system of a more modern .... Zusammenschau ???? Einsatz ???? of traditional Chinese Medicine (please note: as far as the People's Republic of China is concernend, one should checke whether not some important more spiritual parts have been ommitted, are not taught etc.)).

The first one still has, in many respects, a more materialistic worldview, which can lead to working only on and removing symptoms, but neglecting or even ignoring the deeper psychic reasons / deeper reasons, which influence the energy field, which in tuern effects health or illness in the physical body.

******from here, only parts are in English, please look through them at least, for the rest feel free to use google translation (if it cannot access this site, just copy-paste****

Ganzheitliches System der Mensch - Unterschiede Symptomheilung - westliche - Östliche Medihzin

 Ansonsten u. a. auch:


Engel - Erzengel Rafael...Verweis auf Buch von Isabelle von Fallois

Rolfing (Strukturelle Integration)





TCM (Traditionelle Chinesische Medizin)

Siehe hier

C. Music and Healing

Music is formed energy. I believe, that music, too, can contribute to the healing of human beings.
Music comes from a high source, if inspiration is pure (cf. Haich, Sexuelle Kraft und Yoga, S. .......). In such a case, thus, even music which is not explicitly labeled as "healing" (especially maybe "classical" music) might help. In addition, there is, in recent times, also music especially composed for being used in healing.

Tibetan Singing Bowls might help, too

D. Links

http://www.seelenheilen.de/ nochmal ansehen selber

Zentrum zur Dokumentatikon von Naturheilverfahren aufnehmen oder nicht, Link und Bücher ?

D. Connections

Man is a complete systemGesamtsystem (Therefore, holistic approaches are especially to be recomended.). Its components work together and...

Nicht nur der Homo Sapiens kann natürlich, soweit erforderlich, geheilt werden. Auch Planeten, z. B. die Erde (siehe Thema "Erdheilung" oder Tiere.

Also see: Aura, Health, Nutirition Ernährung, Life Energy, Energy

Also see, as far as indicated, a remark on this website of someone else.

In the field of health, it has often been said, that one has to regard the entire human being, within its living conditions, on all planese, to achieve perfect healing. Starting from living according to what one really wishes (...unendl geschi ?) to taking in the right nourishment. Following spiritual laws might be as important as taking care of one's body, for creating the perfect vehicle (e.g. by Yoga or Qui Gong) to enlightenment.

Meher's book: The Rainbow Colours of Light

Barbara R. Martin

These books contain quite a lot of invaluable and really working methods. One really feels better after using them (get both books, if adequate), and even the method to create more abundance in once life d i d  seem to work with me : )

Adam's Books

Great. Really great. Very good healer, it seems. Invaluabel, excellent, really understandable information on how to cure oneself. Excellent explanations on various s esoteric and healing phenomena. Get them all. Get the other media he publishes.

See an overview here.

1. Barbara Brennan

Daiker Kirschbaum


there is also a shool in Japan, now.

2 Healers

I have got two experiences with Brennan educated healers.

A friend.............irgendwo hattte ich das notiert, evtl. yahooh ? von dort formulierung übernehmen,  ... fragen wegen seinen notizen


I preferred the English (which might contain additional pictures as well)  to the German verseion as to style, I think: I found some of the type - descriptions of how people "suck" etc. energy a bit... unappetitlich ??? in German, but did not take........ Anstoß with the original English version (......more diplomatic ?)....revulting ?


Kinesiology is an interesting possiblitly of finding and dealing with problems.

I would like to commence with  the following short description which is more or less a rough translation of a short text by Martin Ruschemeier (transl. by. me), a German kiesiologist I came to know (he teaches at the Volkshochschule Paderborn, and if you should happen to be in that area, it could be worth meeting him):

 "All body, behavioural, relationship-, mobbing-, learning- and similar disturbances are a result of disturbances of the energy system (aura, chakras, meridians) and misprogramming of the cellular, atomic, subatomic (photons, electrons, psycho quanta as described by Jean Chaaron) of the inner data fields. By using kinesiology and radionics you can find those disturbances and eliminate them to a large extent by special exercises."

There is also the special branch of "Psychokinesiology" (maybe "Neural Therapy" nowadays ?). The respective textbook by
Dr. Klinghardt also explains some interesting facts about kinesiology in general.

- Klinghardt

As to kinesiology in general:

A basic work is...

Else, you should have a look e. g. in...

Also very interesting, be it for kinesiolgoy or otherwise are the books by David R. Hawkins,  is. I was impressed by the first chapters as well.


Kinesiologie generell (also see here............seite von jewel)

For protection against electronic smog, please see this link.

As to water, the books of Masaru Emoto might be interesting to you. And beautiful ! Also have a look here. .........hierhin verlinken was f fujisawa leute, hinter login

Daskalos might provide some insights into the power of your soughts. So does Louise Hay, e. g. "Heal your Body.......your sou, ...diese kleine
Also, ..........healing meditation......by Yogananda might be helpful. You can look for more with Search.


Auch dieses Steinheilbuch Steinheilkunde

Piet noch fragen ?

You will probably know the Bach Flower Remedies (and other Flower Remedies).

- Kann so übernommen werden:

War es das, was ich habe ?

Gesammelte Werke
Edward Bach (ISBN 3-89427-242-2)
Aquamarin Verlag

Blome, Götz:

Ich dachte, ich hätte "Das Große Bachblütenbuch" von ihm, fand im Internet jetzt aber nur "Das neue Bachblütenbuch", vielleicht ist es das.

Das neue Bach-Blüten-Buch (Gebundene Ausgabe)
von Götz Blome (Autor)

ISBN-10: 3935767358
ISBN-13: 978-3935767354

Krämer, Dietmar:

Neue Therapien mit Bach-Blüten, Bd.1, Beziehungen der Blüten zueinander, Innere und äußere Blüten, Auswertung anhand der zwölf Schienen (Gebundene Ausgabe)
von Dietmar Krämer (Autor)
München: Ansata

ISBN-10: 3778770675
ISBN-13: 978-3778770672

Neue Therapien mit Bach-Blüten, Bd.2, Diagnose und Behandlung über die Bach-Blüten Hautzonen (Gebundene Ausgabe)
von Dietmar Krämer (Autor), Helmut Wild (Autor
München: Ansata

ISBN-10: 3778770683
ISBN-13: 978-3778770689

Neue Therapien mit Bach-Blüten, Bd.3, Akupunkturmeridiane und Bach-Blüten, Beziehungen der Schienen zueinander, Bach-Blütenbehandlung von Kindern (Gebundene Ausgabe

ISBN-10: 3778770691
ISBN-13: 978-3778770696

Esoterische Therapien 1/2: 2 Bände. (Gebundene Ausgabe)
von Dietmar Krämer (Autor)

ISBN-10: 3778741004
ISBN-13: 978-3778741009

Die kalifornischen Blütenessenzen

Die kalifornischen Blütenessenzen (Broschiert)
von Anette Frankenberger (Autor)

ISBN-10: 3426760363
ISBN-13: 978-342676036

Perelandra - Blütenessenzen

Die Perelandra-Blütenessenzen, von Machaelle Small Wright
ISBN-10: 3426060159
ISBN-13: 978-3426060155

Mechthild Schäffer: auch einige Bücher gelesen gelesen - sie ist aber in ihren Ansichten hinsichtlich der Anwendung vielleicht etwas orthodox

Australische Buschblütenessenzen

Australische Bush-Blüten-Essenzen (Gebundene Ausgabe)
von Ian White (Autor)

ISBN-10: 3927518247
ISBN-13: 978-3927518247



You can get Bach Flowers for a really good price here.................dieser eine Link i England

Informationen zu Genfood gibt es hier: http://www.genfoodneindanke.de/

Informationen zu Elektrosmog:  meine Seite

Informationen zu Zahnfüllungen und Zahnbehandlungen http://www.gzm.org, meine Seite

Buecher zum Thema “Gesundheit”

Anlaesslich des Themas “Gesundheit” hier noch ein paar Hinweise zu interessanten Buechern etc. (Einige der hier genannten Buecher gibt es auch auf Japanisch oder wird es moeglicherweise auf Japanisch geben):

- Luise Hay: Heile deinen Koerper
und viele andere Buecher der Autorin.

- Sehr gut sind die Buecher von Adam ( HYPERLINK "http://www.dreamhealer.com" http://www.dreamhealer.com) und Barbara Y. Martin ( HYPERLINK "http://www.spiritualarts.org" http://www.spiritualarts.org; beide ihrer Buecher, Psyche und Physis sind nicht getrrennt). Zumindest die Buecher Adams duerfte es auch irgendwann auf Deutsch geben, ich koennte mir denken, dass auch auf Japanisch. Schauen Sie aber bei Bedarf auch in B. Y. Martins Buecher hinein.

- Ellen Grasse / Karl-Ludwig Risse: Selbsthilfeprogramm Koerper - Seele
(sehr gutes Buch, enthaelt auch wertvolle Hinweise zur Ernaehrung)
Die Dame ist hellsichtig und fuehrt auch Behandlungen durch, die aber auch traditionellere Homoepathie miteinschliesst. Die Adresse sollte sich in ihren Buechern (die anderen koennten ebenfalls interessant sein) oder im Internet finden. Die Buecher sind teilweise nur noch antiquarisch (etwas auf amazon.de oder bei abebooks o. ae.) erhaeltlich

- Alles was ausgleicht (Stichwoerter: “Kinesiologie” – interessant auch die Buecher von John Diamond -, “Psychokinesiologie” (nach Dr. Klinghardt; Tai Chi, Yoga etc., Bluetenessenzen). Stress, Aerger, andere negative Gefuehle sollten transformiert (vgl. auch die taoistischen Buecher Mantak Chias, je nach Intuition ?) oder ersetzt werden. Auch “Pranaheilung” nach Choa Kok Sui gibt es.

- Vielleicht auch die “Neue Homoepathie” (Lebensenergieberater) – Heilung durch “Informationsmedizin”.

- Gut wohl auch die Methode nach Barbara Brennan,  HYPERLINK "http://www.barbarabrennan.com" http://www.barbarabrennan.com. Auch ihre Buecher sind durchaus aufschlussreich.

- Heiler gibt es ansonsten ja an so einigen Orten, sei es Suedamerika, auf den Philippinen, im Himalaya.

- Generell ist es natuerlich auch hilfreich, auf das Saeure-Basen-Gewicht im Koerper zu achten. Auch darueber gibt es Buecher und Informationen im Internet.

- Auch (bitte vegetarische…) homoeopathische Mittel (Homoeopathie) koennten vielleicht hilfreich sein. Wenn man Amalgam im Mund hat (generell die Zahnfuellungen ueberpruefen, siehe Informationen unter  HYPERLINK "http://www.gzm.org" http://www.gzm.org) sollte auf jeden Fall anschliessend ausgeleitet werden. Dazu kann man sich z. B. auch an Frau Grasse (s. o.) wenden.

- interessant vielleicht auch verschiedene Bluetenessenzen, die es gibt, insbesondere a. die Bachblueten (Bach Flower Remedies) und die entsprechenden Buecher dazu, z. B. von Dr. Edward Bach selbst, aber auch von Goetz Blohme, Dietmar Kraemer u. a.

- Die “Neue Medizin” (“Germanische Neue Medizin”) nach Hamer kann man auch erwaehnen. Man sollte sich selber darueber eine Meinung bilden. Dass die Schulmedizin sie vehement ablehnt und er strafrechtlich verfolgt wird oder wurde, sollte einen an der Bildung einer eigenen Meinung nicht hindern.

- In Deutschland gibt es auch ein “Zentrum zur Dokumentation von Naturheilverfahren” ( HYPERLINK "http://www.zdn.de/" http://www.zdn.de/), das eine mehrbaendige Uebersicht veroeffentlicht hat:

Ausfuehrlichere Informationen zu den einzelnen Buechern und weiteren Werken werden Sie moeglicherweise in ein oder zwei Jahren auf  HYPERLINK "http://www.books-for-enlightenment.com" http://www.books-for-enlightenment.com im Abschnitt “Heilung” finden (bei Bedarf koennen Sie auch frueher nach den zum Login erforderlichen Daten fragen), ob es auch eine deutsche ausfuehrliche Version geben wird, ( HYPERLINK "http://www.books-for-enlightenment.de" http://www.books-for-enlightenment.de) bleibt zu schauen.

Also see Food.