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☞ Please note: The entire website is in a draft state. This will be particularly obvious when clicking one of the links below...

Please have a look nevertheless and do come back somewhen later, be it months, be it years to wait.

To get you the optimal access to good books, we have also organized this site according to subjects. Please note that they are often interrelated. Not every book with a relation to subjects or pages on this site might be mentioned on every page to which it is related. Therefore, if you want to make sure, best read everything your intuition tells you to.

You can also use Search to find out more about possible interrelations.

A. Spiritual Subjects

Martial Arts · Qi Gong (including the sometimes so called "Taoistic Yoga" and Tai Chi) · Yoga · Buddhistic practices similiar to Qi Gong or Yoga · Runes ·  Wyda?

Gute Ausgangspunkte dürften vermutlich entsprechende tibetische Texte und die Bücher von Roerich und O....., wie sie hier ......... beschrieben sind, bilden. Auch James Redfields „The Secrets of Shambhalla“ dürften, was den spirituellen Part angeht, mehr als nur nützlich sein. Ferner dürfte eine Untersuchung der Bezüge zu Agartha, Agarthi etc., also eventuell eine Verbindung mit Südamerika, gleichfalls von Interesse sein. Ebenso Shangrila, Belovode usw.

jewel / forschungen verlinken

Be a living Light !

B. Other or Related or at least helpful Subjects

Fairy Tales

Fantasy and Fun (and Goethe)

Feng Shui (well... because I like it...), Geomancy (Tools for better living on or healing the earth)

The I Ching (Yi Jing)


Also this might also be a diversion (take care !) , maybe "aliens" could be of a certain interest to some.
Science and Spirituality

C. Subjects Related to the Subjects listed above : )

As to some of these subjects (Taoism e.g., maybe also Buddhism), you might  want to acquire special knowledge to do more research on a subject. This might especially true as to languages. Here are some hints or recommendations. But do not forget: You are (probably) eventually not out there to learn languages, but to reach enlightenment !

Learning in General                

Learning Sanskrit  ·  Learning Tibetan  ·  Learning Mandarin  ·  Learning Cantonese   ·  Learning Japanese

Learning Old Egyptian or Hieroglyphs

Learning Sumerian  ·  Learning Babylonian

If you are a teacher at school or at a juku, you might also be interested in this link. If you are looking for books for your child, see the link before and look for "Starchildren" on the net, else see these: Books for Kids.

D. Magazines comprising all or some of the subjects above

There are some magazines which deal with some or maybe even many or most of the subects listed here. I probably have not looked through them all. Nevertheless, I can give you a list of some I found valuable, helpful or informative here.

E. List of Good or Interesting Publishers


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