There is an author who describes magic as a way to God. He is pretty famous, those who have studied magic will know him (at least those, who speak German). Nevertheless, actually using one of his books might cost a price too high, and when I read, in the end of the first (?) one what he understood by "Godhead" (? have not looked into it again when writing this), I doubted if that was truly the Godhead where those go who walk the path described by him. So be careful !

Magic as I do understand it, could be considered a Path. To know True Magic, you must know the Essence of Being, for without knowing that, who can you play with the world ?

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But where to find the teacherse ? Tell me !

Also, Taoistic Magic might be strong. But nothing to dabble with, and whether there is a way that keeps you free of bad karma ? I would not kill animals, e.g.... Ahimasa !

(also see, inter alia, "Runes")

François Lenormant: Die Geheimwissenschaften Asiens. ...chaldäisch..

Also see Daskalos, Runes........but beware of black magic as to some of the authors dealing with it.Beware !.
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For an introduction to magic literature, click here. ........evetntuell diese eine Datei, die erstellt für....

Also, definitely see Elisabet Haich, Sexuelle Kraft und Yoga - very important considerations concerning the basis of Magic. Do read it (despite the title having been altered to "Sex and Yoga" - it is quite different from what an inconsiderate non-esoteric person might believe when hearing about such a title), if you feel it could be good. Do read it, even if it is not for the informaion about magic given therein.

Tarot ? ,,,die Bücher von meiner Mage - Zusammebnstellung noch zitieren !!