I suppose there are Masters in every field and expression of Reality.

There are also Masters, whom you cannot thus easily ascribe to a certain religion (even with those where you might think that, some are linked at least to too, for example Sri Shirdi Sai Baba (the one of Shirdi I mean !) was revered by both Hindus and Muslims). Here, I give a few other titles describing or mentioneing these Masters:

Please note: There might be others I have not listed here. The Masters listed here are listed due to the image I have of a Master. This will notabely be influenced by the books which I have read at first, I guess (or by what I know in my soul ?). There are others I have not listed here. Since I have not seen them refer so much to the Hierarchy or the Great White Brotherhood, I have listed them elsewhere - but listed I have, when I thought of them.

Please note that I cannot guarantee that all of those listed really are Masters in the outer world.

Please also note your Higher Self.