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A. Books being helpful with or inducing Stillness

For an immediate feeling of Stillness, you can use the books, audios and videos and other means provided by Eckhart Tolle. Also some of the forums with conversations about Eckhart's Teachings could be interesting, e.g. this.

Another name that comes to me in the context of Stillness (as I think it can be felt through her words, although I am not sure whether she is entirely enlightened when I last read about her some years ago, although that may change, of course) is Bernadette Roberts. I found her book well worth reading, and if one feels stillness thus, one ought to look deeper.

Actually, her book could have been one of the first ones in which I was able to feel that stillness, I think. Another one was a collection of poems (possibly "The Gifts of God") by Helen Schucman who has written down the Course in Miracles.

In the draft to this page, I also mentioned Master Goi, although what I feel through his words I would rather call "Peace", but, in the end, there will be no real difference between "Stillness" and "Peace" I believe.

In the draft to this page, I also found the words "listen to yourself".

And, last not least, I believe I should, indeed, point to Sri Ramana Maharshi here.

B. Related Topics

Peace  The Voice of the Silence From one of his titles ("Im Land der Stille") already: Mario Mantese

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