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On our main page, we have already given a general overview over books we believe to be a good starting point. Of course, it depends on you.

On this page, we would like to give some examples by giving an overview over the books with which the contributors to this site started their endeavour, as far as literature is concerned. It might include books that have a relation to one's worldview on a general level.

A. André (AM)

(I am the webmaster and creator of, so the entire site relects my reaing, sort of. Yet, here, I take the liberty to introduce a few books I might not have introduced to you on this website otherwise.)

1. Preleminary (you might skip that)

As a child, I have read and been read fairy tales (and also the animal stories by Manfred Kyber [Among Animals] and his "Märchen von der kleinen Veronika" [The Three Candles of Little Veronica"]). My dear grandmother already knew the "Great Invocation" (note), had been in contact with a clearvoyant, and I myself thought about how nice it would be to be a wizzard (anyone out there to teach me that?).

Also, I write and have written poetry from about my seventh year, quite a lot. Many of the initial poems seemed to be rather Christian.
Sometimes, my poems might bring a message to myself.  (So read your stuff : ))

Later, besides reading poetry, I read about hypnosis, also "Dianetics" (do not look for that without reading this note!), but I did not pursue the letter, maybe, then, due to an article I read a bit later about the organization behind, I think.

I read about parapsychology, autosuggestion and hypnosis (note). I read, of course fantasy again, and again and again. The Lord of the Rings. Great.
George MacDonald's "Lilith". Great. Abraham Merrit. Enthralling. And Science Fiction, quite a lot (Hans Dominik, Perry Rhodan, Heinlein and many others). Of course, I watched Star Trek (Raumschiff Enterprise) (note).

(If you like fantasy, have a look at Hobbit Presse, a great publisher).

Furthermore, I read "serious" literature like "The Epic of Gilgamesh", Dante's "Divina Commedia" and  Calderón de la Barcas "La vida es sueño". Yet - the search for truth and immortality - it is already there. My grandparents came from East Prussia, so was introduced to Ernst Wiechert, e.g. his books "Das einfache Leben" or "Die Jerominkinder". Beautiful work, albeit sometimes a bit - how should I call it? This might not be the appropriate word - "sad". Full of deep thoughts. And such a beautiful language.

And, of course, Goethe's Faust (I and II). (Also interesting: Goethe wrote a rather esoteric second part of the Magic Flute ["Der Zauberflöte zweyter Theil"; I think it is contained in the Berlin edition of Goethe's works, but would have to check]; there is also another second part, an opera, the libretto by Schikaneder, the music by Peter von Winter.)

I also thought about what would happen if we came to realize the truth of what is - would "we" vanish,  the world fall apart ? Actually, I wrote a short paper on that.

At high school, I had religious instruction as a specialised course. I was impressed with a statement by Karl Rahner, that even someone who would not know Christ by name, if he followed his ways [without knowing that they where his], he still was a Christian. In my written Abitur-examination, I wrote about the Sermon on the Mount and its interpretation.

During high school, I also might already have read (in German) "The Journey to  Ixtlan" by Castaneda (at least), especially in relation to lucid dreaming about which I read in an article by Paul Tholey which my aunt or my uncle, who was a friend of him, had given to me.

While at university, to enter the German National Merit Foundation I had been proposed to by the director of my High School,  I started with a report on the subject of theodicy (see e.g. Hermann Häring: Das Problem des Bösen in der Theologie. Darmstadt: Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft 1985), a subject I had been interested in since High School.

By all these ideas, the intellectual way at least had been influenced.

2. Starting

During my studies at university, a friend recommended me reading "Initiation" by Elisabeth Haich. Then, soon, I started with Sri Swami Paramahansa Yogananda's  "Authobiography of a Yogi", the books written by Daskalos (even tried to meet him), and from there went on.

If you like, continue here.

B. NN (NN)

[Nothing here yet... Those I would have liked to contribute are busy otherwise.]

© 2012 by A. M. 
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