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I. Hi !

So you are interested in enlightenment ? Probably even wanting to get entlightened, nay, I should better say, realise that you are already enlightened ?

Fine. Just sit still and know.

Ok. Long version:

Please realize that there is nothing to do but to KNOW in the truest sence of knowledge.

Ok. Very long version.

You do not have to do much. Maybe. Probably. It is just your mind that tells you.
That's - maybe - nonsense.

II. In More Words

If you are looking for stillness, go immediately into stillness. If you cannot go that, you might like to read Eckhart Tolle.

If you are looking for light, feel it, see it be it, go to Ascension (New Age, Eternal Life).  Or, also, here or here.

If you want to read in general about how to do it, go here. If you want to stop thinking you have to do anything, you might go here.

Good luck !

III. Site - Related Aspects

Um, ok, If you still want to read about our page:

1. Aims

This page has been developed after the founder of the project had the idea for the domain name. We hope that it can be of assistance, and if at least with information on the books we, the creators of this site, have found valuable for proceeding on our way to enlightenment and health (and possibly Magic) on your Path.

We have selected the books hopefully according to intuition (although what we thought might have played a role, too), and although we might exploit this page a bit commercially by putting affiliate links to online bookstores, nevertheless even then, we will not put any book here, that we think ought not to be here.

You are, of course, free to forget about the commercial aspect and just browse. Or your are free, of corse, to support us by linking to us, or by sponsoring us or our page or some group or being that needs it in other ways. (Currently, the founder of this page would be glad for someone giving him a harp, and maybe some harp - lessons, for example.)

In the future, we might develop a non-commercial branch and a platform to discuss the books recommended by us.

2. Who we are

a. Self - Introduction


Who we are... not different from you. Understand, what you are, and you will understand what we are.
All, we are free.
In and thus eternity.

Where we are... there is no place nor time
but all creation's rhyme
which tells us that eternity
is one, and so is...are... you and.....are we.

Nevertheless, if you would like to see the outer form of the rays of the sun:

 Dr. iur. André Marhaun (AM)

A. M. - No image available.

Currently, André is the sole main contributor to this page.

He has studied religious, esoteric and spiritual teachings since his days at university, when he was introduced to the subject by a friend. He has looked into various spiritual groups and disciplines, done Yoga, Tai Chi, Aikido and Qi Gong in Germany and Japan. He lived in Tokyo for 8 years and is currently investigating possibilities to move to Oceania (if you would like to act as a visa sponsor, please let him know here).

You can find a small bio of him here. André maintains a couple of pages, e.g. (currently only in German, watchout for the future in English here), and, the grand all,

His blog can be found at His Twitter-Account is here.

Other contributors

N. N.

N. N.

b. Possibilities to contact us

Please look here.

IV. Technical Aspects

For those interested, here are a few technical aspects:

  • The site has been developed using, inter alia, the Composer of the Mozilla Suite and the very helpful Nvu.
  • It is probably best viewed with Safari or with Mozilla based browsers. We have not tested it for Internet Explorer on a larger scale, since the main developper uses Mac OS X, so please excuse if the design does not show its full potential in some browsers. Or get yourself a Mac
  • Also, the main developer had not yet taken a deeper the plunge into html, CSS and so on, so... please be kind to his code and while reading this site (I found  Mario Mantese's plea in "Im Herzen der Welt" to read his books "with gentle eyes"("mit sanften Augen") very appealing).
  • If you can and would like to help with website coding, let us know.

V. Please be aware

  • Please note, that the information given might not be complete, might even be inaccurate, although, of course, we try to do it right. In general, this is, and might be as long as at least one of the contributors still read, a work in progress.
  • As far as Links to Wikipedia are given, it has happened because the feeling of value of that particular site was stronger than a general feeling that over there have been too many discussions, too many information being erased and that there ought to be more people with a spiritual point of view, thus enabling really objective articles there. So please be careful about any information you might find on wikipedia, also from here, mostly permemant links, have been given, but yet.
  • Else, please read our "spiritual disclaimer".
  • But, wait... Can books lead to enlightenment ?

    Hmm. That is an interesting question.

    But anyhow, they might inspire you, or give you an idea that there is something more than most people have achieved hitherto. I have felt it helpful or at least beneficial to read, so I think no harm is done in giving this list if you realize, that enlightenment can only be achieved by being what you, in your essence, already are, as I believe.

So, after having read everything, why not start reading from the main entry page here again ?

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